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Our team of experts has decades of experience in the asset protection space for real estate investors and entrepreneurs.  We help clients with unique needs get the right structures in place to plan, protect, and have peace of mind when it comes to their assets, estates and long-term financial goals. 

Brian Price    |      CEO | Co-Founder

When asked what 3 words best described Brian in terms of being CEO he said: 

Enterprising  |  Future Thinking  |  Operational Excellence

Jennifer Gligoric     |     COO |  Co-Founder

Jennifer's 3 words she feels best describe her as COO are:

People-Centric | Culture-Driven | Positive Client Experiences

Shannon Pfaff     |      Talent Manager

Motivation |  Inspire  |  Mindset

We LOVE hiring Remote!

We have a growing staff all around the country and some outside the USA.  We believe that the best office has zero commute & eco-friendly, your pet sleeps at your feet, you have easy access to a nursing station if you need one, and the dress code is what looks best on your webcam for video meetings with clients & staff.   

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Even the most experienced real estate investors put off protecting their assets because it's not as fun or sexy as booking that big family vacation.  Nothing is more frustrating than finding out after that you've been focused on the wrong problem and were 'fixing' something that wasn't broke.

That's where we come in. 

There is no reason for you to go it alone or get loaded up on legal structures that are so overly stacked they are cumbersome, complicated and have holes in the protection.  Let Leafy Legal Services help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be when it comes to protecting yourself.  We will help you with the legal solutions that are 'tried and true' methods to ensure that your assets are secure and your financial legacy will have every opportunity to grow and last for generations to come.


Leafy Legal's leadership team has a diverse background including being real estate investors and entrepreneurs ourselves.  Before we ventured into asset protection, we were the people that actually ran, built and implemented multi-million dollar online marketing companies which often partnered with financial and real estate experts to provide education and wealth-preserving and building strategies for their customers.   


Having been exposed to so many investors, entrepreneurs, marketers, and sales professionals, we've heard many real stories of financial freedom and unfortunately financial losses that harmed those who put off protecting themselves from vexatious litigants.  Nothing is more devastating than working hard to acquire some bit of financial solvency and safety only to have someone unscrupulous or an unforeseen traffic accident put everything you own in its cross-hairs.

We have a dedicated team passionate about protecting investors from these all-too-common hardships by putting the protections in place to give you piece of mind as you build your business.


What's up with the name? :)


There might have been wine - not sure.  At the time, we did nothing but work with the people who were helping people who were trying to build wealth or regain wealth sometimes after devastating loss.  We like the idea of a Phoenix that didn't burst into ashes again and again but grew from ashes into a forest that was strong, resilient and evergreen for generations to come.  Naturally we had to expand into the asset protection space, because of our years working hand-in-hand with asset protection and wealth-building entrepreneurs to address this great and growing need - using cutting edge technology, the most current legal solutions, and utilizing our own team of experts, as well as, strategically partnering with new ones to bring advanced and affordable solutions to you.


If you are reading this because you read an article, listened to a podcast, know someone who has rental property and gotten sued out of the blue or wanting to grow your entrepreneurial business with the right kind of LLC that can give you protection then you've come to the right place.

This is what we do.

It's our core of who we are as people - we help others succeed and protect what they value and in the process we are better people for this.


Leafy Legal Services, powered by Leafy Phoenix, is about helping real estate investors and entrepreneurs lay the groundwork so they can protect themselves to safely propel themselves into real abundance and true growth.  


We are about the security you have when your needs are all met and the problems you have today seem small and you smile to yourself in growth mode as you think "Wow, I'm ready for bigger problems & lots of growth."

Our Beginning


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