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Our approach is simple

"What type of investor are you?"

 "Where are you at now in terms of properties and structure?"

"Where do you want to go in the future?"

We map out the plan based on your unique situation so you can protect yourself fully, know how to move forward, and tools to help grow your income. Leafy Legal Services makes it easy for you to do the right things in the right way to get the right result - you just need the right team working on your situation.



Let Leafy Legal Services get the right structure in place for your particular needs.  Getting the right structure set up from the start is not as easy as it looks. Are you a Canadian investor, have properties in multiple states, already have a LLC but it's not anonymous and you're worried about exposure? 


Thankfully our asset protection advisors will be able to go over your particular needs and make sure the right structure is created for you and your situation that has the ability to grow with you.



Progressive discounts, to get you the protection you need.

Full protection at pricing that is less than a family vacation is one of the many reasons our clients love Leafy Legal.   We have a variety of ways we can bundle our Asset Protection - Estate Planning - and Retirement Planning solutions along with ongoing support plans to fit any investor's needs.



The ability to privately and anonymously own property is one of the strongest ways to prevent unscrupulous litigants from filing lawsuits against real estate investors.

Most commonly used as a tool with other entity structures, such as the Series LLC, trusts are an integral method we use to give our clients powerful asset protection.  Leafy Legal Services prefer Delaware Statutory Trust or IRA-Business Trust, though it depends on your particular situation and needs.



Real estate investors and entrepreneurs have special concerns that do-it-yourself wills, online forms and law firms not familiar with real estate issues just don't address adequately.  We go the extra mile in making sure that you are educated in the legal documentation services we provide, what your responsibilities are regarding future filings, accounting principles, and more.





It's never to late to have complete control over your estate and legacy.  Leafy Legal Services uses the most current pour-over wills, living trusts and medical directives to ensure that your family will not have to suffer through the probate court process.   

We provide comprehensive planning documents that ensure your wishes and plans are laid out in a way that provide the peace of mind you need to know your family, estate and businesses will be managed according to your desires.



Most real estate investors & entrepreneurs struggle, whether they are new to the game or looking to dive-into JV partnerships after a decade of solo investing. We understand how important it is for you to focus on your "highest best use" of your time and energy. That's why we ramping up our Community Memberships to engage, educate and enhance your client experience  with Leafy Legal.

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