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Why Leafy

You can do it all alone.
But why would you want to?


We understand the limiting beliefs that face real estate investors.

The Myth:  "The chances of me getting sued are small and the costs of protecting myself too high.   Anyone can sue anyone, so might as well pocket the money now and if it comes it comes."


Reality:  100 million lawsuits are filed in the US every year.  Depending on the source, anywhere from 1 in 12 to upwards of 25% of Americans will get sued at least once in their lifetime.  For real estate investors, that number skyrockets to a 95% chance in the next 20 years according to the the National Survey of the Court Data (here).  

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We know for a fact there really is no cookie-cutter system that automatically works for everyone because each real estate investor's portfolio is different.  Some clients have yet to purchase property and are wanting to set up the structure first while some some have multiple properties in several states.  


No matter what your unique situation, we can customize a solution that works to best protect you no matter what stage you are currently.  Don't blow it off and don't try and go it alone or at a do-it-yourself docu-factory.  


We have a passion helping people start, build and scale real estate investment passion.  We believe that in listening to you, your needs, your journey and where you want to go, then we can help you build the protection that works and is structured to grow as you do.

We believe that there is no reason for anyone to struggle in this industry or be a sitting duck for predatory litigants.

Let us help you get it right the first time.

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